At their 50-year mark, Galeiras is one of the largest Portuguese companies specialising in silver and gold jewellery production.Renowned for its integrity, reliability and highly professional approach in services provided, it is already a reference in the national market.

Its portfolio gathers over 30.000 references, which means that Galeiras has a wide selection of products for personal use on offer, ranging from rings, wedding rings, earrings and necklaces to bracelets. Its productive force is fully invested in developing their own collections or in tailored services, and they work exclusively for stockists and wholesalers.

Based in the north of Portugal, in Gondomar, its in-house team is multidisciplinary and made up of weathered professionals with the know-how to execute any piece, from either a drawing or sample, at an optimal quality-price ratio.

Boasting extensive technical knowledge, the company has a special flair for working with 8kt., 9kt., 14kt., 18 kt. and 19,2kt. gold, applying techniques such as injection, stamping, laser — cutting and engraving and stone setting.

This family business has established itself as an ideal partner for both companies and businesses, its technical know-how and high level of professionalism reinforces its solid positioning.

Business Integrity stemming from a clear commitment to an ethical conduct;
Reliability, at the core of our relationship with our clients, business partners and employees;
Strong organisational principles that translate into our structure and method;
Financial and structural strength, allowing us to honour all of our commitments;
Social responsibility , a principle underlying our relationship with employees, our partners and the environment.

Project Name: GALEIRAS – International Goldsmith Industry
Project: NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-024404
Main Goal: Reinforcing Competitiveness
Region of Intervention: North (Portugal)
Approvall Date: 07-07-2017
Start date: 01-01-2017
Date of Conclusion: 31-03-2019
Total Cost (Eligible): 322.450,00 €
EU Financial Support: FEDER – 145.102,50 €
Project Overview: Ilídio dos Santos Galeiras & Cª Lda presents the GALEIRAS – International Goldsmith Industry project, which materializes its vision of consolidation in the international market and a renewed business model. The key words are: internationalization; innovation; scanning and qualification.