Galeiras emerged in the 60s through the hands of Ílidio Galeiras, founder of the brand.

Entrepreneurship has spanned generations and the company is currently managed by his three sons.

With them came innovation, the desire for new challegens, to grow.

From the past we always kept the timeless values by wich we stand: integrity, reliability and professionalism.

Nowadays we are a reference in the international market.

We work with brands looking for a modern product in wich quantity does not neglect quality.

Our personalized service and our fast and efficient response make us stand out.

All pieces are carefully throught and created by us.

We are perfectionists, every detail matters.

We have an experienced team that ensures the quality of service, from the design to the manual finishing of each piece.

We are proud to be a 100% Portuguese brand.

Business Integrity stemming from a clear commitment to an ethical conduct;
Reliability, at the core of our relationship with our clients, business partners and employees;
Strong organisational principles that translate into our structure and method;
Financial and structural strength, allowing us to honour all of our commitments;
Social responsibility , a principle underlying our relationship with employees, our partners and the environment.

Project Name: GALEIRAS – International Goldsmith Industry
Project: NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-024404
Main Goal: Reinforcing Competitiveness
Region of Intervention: North (Portugal)
Approvall Date: 06-07-2017
Start date: 01-01-2017
Date of Conclusion: 30-06-2019
Total Cost (Eligible): 322.450,00 €
EU Financial Support: FEDER – 145.102,50 €
Project Overview: Ilídio dos Santos Galeiras & Cª Lda presents the GALEIRAS – International Goldsmith Industry project, which materializes its vision of consolidation in the international market and a renewed business model. The key words are: internationalization; innovation; scanning and qualification.